Regional Meeting of the International Society for Neurochemistry
Coimbra, Portugal 1 - 4 June 2016




Poster Instructions for Presentation



a) Posters should be displayed on the poster board with the abstract code sent to the participants. The abstract codes can also be found in the program and abstract book.
b)  All posters will stay up for the entire meeting. Poster boards will be marked in accordance with the reference sent to the participants.
c)  Authors will be requested to stand next to their poster boards during the poster sessions on June 2 and June 3 as indicated in the program.
d) Odd number posters will be discussed on June 2 and Even number posters will be discussed on June 3.
e) The dimensions of the poster should not exceed 1.2 m (height) x 0.9 m (width).
f) The text, illustrations, etc should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters (six feet).
g) Technical equipment will be available for the mounting of posters.




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